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Documentary Director/Producer

In December 2010 Pinny was featured in the Observer as one of a crop of daring and innovative young directors working today. Her smash hit short documentary Peter and Ben has had over 350,000 views on You Tube and has been described by fourdocs and one of the best short documentaries ever made...you decide for yourself.


Awards for Peter and Ben include the FourDocs Best Documentary, VX Auteur Award, at The 5th London Short Film Festival and Best Documentary at Aspen Shorts Fest 2008, the Shooting People Werner Herzog Competition as well The Grand Jury Prize in SXSouthWest Click. FourDocs New Talent Nominee 2008.


Her other much loved documentaries include 'Mr and Mrs Smith' , 'Who Do You Think You Were?' (Channel 4) as well as a couple of amusing commercials for Dove Real Beauty and Aldi, all of which employ Pinny's skills in keen observation and a wry sense of humour.


Specialising in the Arts, Pinny has also made a variety of commissioned docs for clients such as BBC, Channel 4, The Arts Council, The National Theatre, The Royal Opera House, and the Tate. Most notable have been her behind the scenes films for The National Theatre (The Hour) and The Royal Opera House (Becoming Zerlina) both of which have attracted substantial audiences online due to the exclusive and fascinating insight they give into the lives of the performers who work at these great British arts institutions.


"Pinny is a talented film-maker who creates films of substance. She brings her subjects to life in a thought provoking and responsive manner that makes you think, laugh and question. She is someone I instantly trust with a project and will always be a fan of her work." Oliver Sweet, Head of Ipsos Mori Ethnographic