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Peter and Ben

10 Mins. Produced by Victoria Cameron, Directed by Pinny Grylls, Music by Will Hood for Invisible Films, Funded by UK Film Council Digital Shorts 2007.


Peter chose to ‘drop out’ and live alone in a remote settlement in Wales. Then 3 years ago Peter found Ben as a lamb dying in a ditch, Peter saved his life but now Ben no longer feels at one with the rest of the sheep on the hill.


'This film about solitude and relationship across the species istenderly made and embued with a love of landscape. The story drew mein; I wanted to know more about everything that had already happenedand, crucially, about what happened next… 'Sally Potter Oct 2009“Peter and Ben, the story of the man and his sheep in Wales has awonderful human touch to it, it seemed the soul of the man was insidethe sheep and the soul of he sheep was inside the man - I loved itfrom the start.”Werner Herzog  Oct 2009


Awards: FourDocs Best Documentary, VX Auteur Award, at The 5th London Short Film Festival and Best Documentary at Aspen Shorts Fest 2008, the Shooting People Werner Herzog Competition as well The Grand Jury Prize in SXSouthWest Click. FourDocs New Talent Nominee 2008.


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Ben looking over the valley