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NEW FLASH....Pinny recently directed the new Aldi commercial for Suncream in May 2019.


In Oct 2018 she began lecturing in documentary filmmaking at UCL.


Pinny is currently in development with Julia Ton at Project 1961 for her first fiction feature film 'The Voice'. Development is in collaboration with the young writers of Intermission Theatre.


'The Voice' is about a young Congolese refugee growing up in Hackney who wants to be an opera singer. He has a beautiful and developing counter tenor voice and practices in secret in a hideaway of Hackney Marshes. His family and friends do not know his secret until he breaks into the Royal Opera House to watch a rehearsal and is mistaken for being a criminal and arrested. Later on the ROH give him an opportunity to perform there and he is able to return the Congo where his dead mother was a singer for the famous Kinchasa Symphony Orchestra. This offers him and his family some closure on a deep sadness in their past.