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4 x 3 Minute Wonders Produced by Tiger Lily Films for Channel 4 in 2007.


A series of short films celebrating the centenary of the bra.

Commissioned by Channel 4 as part of their '3 Minute Wonders' strand.


Film 1: It's an oft-quoted fact that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Sadie 'the bra lady' Ayton has fitted over 50,000 women in her 37-year career – transforming their lives as well as their busts.


Film 2: A few home truths from womenabout their relationship with their bra.


Film 3: Did women really burn their bras? Two feminists re-visit the toe-curling Wonderbra adverts of the 1970s to explore why the bra became the 'bête noire' of the women's movement.


Film 4: For 3 minutes the bra's supporting role in history takes centre stage in this whistle-stop tour through 100 years of the bra.


'Today's Highlights' in The Daily Telegraph who described it as a 'wry romp through the knicker drawer of brassiere history'.


Click on photos to play 4 different films in this series.

sadie Bra Still 2 sadie2 pinny